Who We Are

The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund is a nonprofit civil rights organization dedicated to vindicating the constitutional rights of all Americans. Through impact litigation, educational programs and policy advocacy, the Defense Fund spearheads initiatives on issues related to religious freedom, bioethics, and American values. What makes us unique — and much-needed — is our focus on funding trial-level constitutional litigation.

The importance of trial level litigation is critical:

Too many cases never get to the appellate level because harassed, oppressed, and intimidated men and women do not have the financial resources to defend their rights at trial. That’s where we come in.


Conscience is the inner voice in a man that moves him to do good under any circumstances and to avoid evil by all means. More than ever, the government and secular humanists have trampled on Americans’ conscience rights. That’s why we fund trial-level litigation to vindicate the inalienable rights of all Americans.


Serious Americans of all faiths agree: If we do not halt the secular progressive agenda of harassing and intimidating people of conscience, our children will not experience or enjoy the freedom and liberty that we have long known as Americans. So with the support of leading legal scholars and religious leaders, nationally recognized trial attorney Charles LiMandri founded the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund in 2012 to combat the mounting escalation and intensity of religious freedom cases.

Since the Defense Fund’s founding, individuals and organizations have sought our experience and expertise in the areas of religious liberty, bioethics, and education. We are proud to be a key partner and ally with firms such as Alliance Defending Freedom, Life Legal Foundation and the Thomas More Society.