FCDF attorneys are representing Joyce Bartholomew, a pro-life singer/song-writer and national spokesperson for the Mission: PreBorn concert series.

Last year, Ms. Bartholomew produced the song “What Was Your Name?” and published its music video on YouTube. After the video began going viral, YouTube took it down and then provided conflicting statements as to why.

Google has previously been accused of improperly censoring speech, and so Ms. Bartholomew sued to figure out why exactly her viral music video was taken down. FCDF attorneys filed a suit alleging libel because YouTube stated that the content of the music video violated their community guidelines, and because those guidelines only restrict extremely egregious videos such as those depicting child abuse and nudity.

The trial court sustained YouTube’s demurrer and FCDF attorneys appealed. Recently, California’s Sixth Appellate District requested additional briefing on several targeted questions indicating that it is likely to rule in Ms. Bartholomew’s favor and reinstate her lawsuit.