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Court of Appeals Asked to Strike Down California Mandate Forcing Church to Pay for Elective Abortions Skyline Church filed its opening brief in the Ninth Circuit last week, asking the court of appeals to rule that the California state government cannot force the church to provide abortion coverage in its employee health plans. The Freedom…

Letter to Justice Dept. and Education Dept. argues that current guidelines encouraging special protections for Muslim students are unconstitutional The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund (FCDF) sent a letter today to Justice Department Assistant Attorney General John Gore and Education Department Assistant Secretary Kenneth Marcus recommending they roll back existing policies that direct public schools…

State court judge “strikes a balance” between the government’s executive power and the force of his ruling that vindicated Christian baker’s First Amendment rights. Late yesterday, California state court judge David Lampe granted in part and denied in part Christian baker Cathy Miller’s motion to enforce the judge’s ruling that held that the First Amendment…

The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund (FCDF) today sent a public records request to the Gilroy Unified School District, demanding emails that could reveal whether the school district violated the Constitution by allowing two Muslim groups to proselytize to students at school assemblies. Last year, a Muslim high school student complained to school officials she…

At Hearing, Christian Baker Argues Same-Sex Wedding Cake Case is “Over” Today, Kern County Superior Court Judge David Lampe heard oral argument on Cathy Miller’s motion to enforce the judge’s March 2018 ruling upholding Cathy’s First Amendment rights. Despite suffering the court loss, California state officials contend they still have executive authority to investigate Cathy…

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