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Today, FCDF sent a letter to Seattle Public Schools’ Board of Directors and Superintendent to express concern about the District’s collaboration with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). According to CAIR’s local chapter, it is “partnering with Seattle Public Schools to provide educational trainings for teachers and staff on things like Ramadan, Eid, and how…

The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund is pleased to announce that President and Chief Counsel Charles LiMandri has successfully achieved recertification as a civil trial advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA). LiMandri has been an NBTA member in good standing for 20 years. Board Certification is the highest, most stringent, and most…

Today, the Supreme Court upheld President Trump’s notorious travel ban, which critics have derided as a discriminatory law that targeted Muslims. Opponents like CAIR and the ACLU argued that Trump had a sordid history of animus toward Muslims, and he intentionally enacted the ban to discriminate against them. The Court rejected that argument, holding that…

Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund chief counsel Charles LiMandri, representing Cathy Miller and Tastries Bakery, presented oral argument today in support of their motion for attorneys’ fees. FCDF attorneys filed the motion after Superior Court Judge David Lampe denied the California Department of Fair Employment & Housing’s (DFEH) request to force Miller to either create…

U.S. District Court Judge Cynthia A. Bashant will hear oral argument on Tuesday, July 17, on the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund’s motion for a preliminary injunction in the case Citizens for Quality Education San Diego, et al. v. San Diego Unified School District, et al., in which five families and two local organizations are…

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We advance and defend the Constitution and the rights and liberties of all Americans to practice their beliefs.


We provide expert counsel and experienced advocacy through litigation and public policy initiatives on behalf of parents who desire a safe and enriching education for their children.

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Marriage and family are the building blocks of American society. We defend and promote marriage for both the well-being of the individual person and our culture.

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Through litigation and public policy initiatives, we protect the most basic human freedom: the inalienable Right to Life.


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