Dr. Lopez is an English professor at Cal State Northridge. In October 2014, Dr. Lopez sponsored an academic conference, entitled “Bonds That Matter,” on the legal and moral rights of children to know and, if possible, be raised by their biological parents.

Participation by his students was optional. At the conference, one student challenged one presenter, a feminist filmmaker whose documentaries feature regretful surrogate mothers. The complaining student insisted that gay couples should have a right to “get” a baby. After she graduated in May 2014, this student filed a complaint with the University’s Office of Equity and Diversity, accusing Dr. Lopez of sexual discrimination in connection with the conference.

FCDF is representing Dr. Lopez in his defense against these spurious claims. FCDF also previously assisted Dr. Lopez when homosexual activists unsuccessfully sought to derail his chances for tenure. Recently, the University found that Dr. Lopez did not engage in discrimination. The University, however, did find on its own that Dr. Lopez had retaliated against the complaining student.

FCDF and Dr. Lopez are now considering what further action to take.