Charles LiMandri successfully represented four Christian firefighters who were ordered against their will to participate in the 2007 San Diego Gay Pride Parade. During the parade they were subjected to obscene gestures and vulgar catcalls by the homosexual community. When they would not respond to the sexual overtures of the crowd, it turned hostile and they were further subjected to insulting words and gestures.

The Firefighters met with the openly lesbian Fire Chief after the event and said that they would be satisfied with an apology and a change in policy so that no other firefighter would have to go through that experience again.

When the City refused to agree to these reasonable terms, LiMandri brought a lawsuit for freedom of speech violations (i.e. coerced expressive speech) and sexual harassment. Before trial, the City finally relented and began the process of changing the policy so that no Firefighter would be forced to participate in the Gay Pride Parade or any other such political events again.

The case proceeded to trial on the sexual harassment claim and the jury eventually found that the firefighters had been subjected to unlawful discrimination.

The resulting verdict in their favor was upheld by the state appellate court and the California Supreme Court in 2011.