Judge Ruled President Trump’s Election Justifies School District’s “Anti-Islamophobia” Initiative

This afternoon, Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund attorneys representing five families have asked federal judge Cynthia Bashant to reconsider her recent order denying their motion to stop the San Diego Unified School District’s “anti-Islamophobia Initiative.” In their Motion for Reconsideration, the families argue the Initiative discriminates in favor of Muslim students, thereby violating the Constitution.

In denying the parents’ motion, Judge Bashant ignored the statistics showing no evidence of Islamophobia in the school district and instead held that President Trump’s election was a reason compelling enough to override the parents’ argument that the initiative violates the First Amendment.

“Relying on spurious claims of rampant nationwide ‘Islamophobia’ squarely conflicts with Supreme Court precedent. There is zero evidence of MAGA hat-wearing students prowling the schools and terrorizing Muslim students. No doubt the school district has good intentions, but a religiously preferential school program requires an actual problem in need of solving.”

Daniel Piedra, Executive Director

The anti-Islamophobia initiative offers Muslim students special bullying protections and empowers the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a controversial Islamic advocacy organization, to revise school curricula for a more “inclusive” portrayal of Islam. CAIR also is authorized to prosecute students accused of being Islamophobic.

“Government statistics show schoolchildren of all religions face bullying, not just Muslim students. While combating religiously motivated bullying is a compelling interest, any school initiative that singles out a specific religious sect for preferential treatment is unconstitutional.”

Daniel Piedra, Executive Director

In addition to the five families, plaintiffs include Citizens for Quality Education San Diego and the San Diego Asian Americans for Equality Foundation. The case is titled Citizens for Quality Education San Diego, et al. v. Richard Barrera, et al. in the United States District Court for the Southern District of California.

If the federal judge denies the motion for reconsideration, FCDF intends to immediately appeal the preliminary injunction ruling to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

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